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   The Story Behind Beyond Words

"I need to have a camera in my hands. That's something I learned after leaving my TV news reporting job after five years of being in that industry. While I was able to leave the news behind, I found myself unable to stay away from telling stories and creating videos + memories for people. 

During my five years in news, I was an MMJ — a multi-media journalist. That meant that every day, I would come up with my own story ideas to cover, would set up interviews, go out and film them, shoot video, edit it all together, present it live in the field or live in studio, write the web article to accompany it and do it all over again the next day... ALL of that being done as a one-woman-band (that's me!). 

The hardest part of letting go of that job was stepping away from a career I thought I would be in forever. But plans change, industries change and I changed. I wanted to only cover stories that struck an emotional chord with people. Stories that offered help + solutions. Stories that made people care. 

My first job after I left news was a sort of niche, positive information only online platform where the community could discover what new restaurants and businesses they could support or what cool event was happening every day of the week — but there was no camera or storytelling involved. What my heart + soul needed the most was now absent. 

I started my own LLC so that I could be my own boss and tell the stories my heart and the community were longing for. And let me tell you, what a fun ride it's been. 

I now get to work with good people doing good things for the betterment of society. My stories are topics that people want to be covered, want to share + want to have for their own memories. As a former TV news reporter, I have extensive experience covering compassionate stories. It's part of what makes me excel at telling other people's emotional stories today. 

The other part is this: I come from an emotionally challenging background. Without getting too into details, my emotionally traumatic past has fueled my ability to tell someone else's story and do it well. Anyone can pick up a camera and hit record. But it's the artist behind the camera that needs the eye and heart to capture the important moments, to ask the right questions and start the right conversations in order to create that high impact video. 

My videos allow people to take a walk in someone else's shoes and enlightens them on a journey outside of their own, making the world a better place (that's my hope at least.)

I hope I can do the same for you. This LLC isn't just about me. It's about YOUR story that I have the privilege to tell that will hopefully leave you Beyond Words."


Drone certified

We are certified and licensed to fly drones and FAA Part 107 compliant. We currently use the EVO Lite model drone.

DSLR Video Production

We currently use a SONY A7III and a Canon EOS R6 as our typical two-camera set up paired with GVM LED Lights and RODE mics for lighting and audio.


We edit all our material using the Adobe suite software. Stock footage is available upon request.

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