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Types of Videos We Can Do Together

Cosmetics Sales

Tugging on the heartstrings makes people care. This is an art we've perfected. Being able to craft a story together with a "central character" and weave a journey together in a beautiful, impactful video is a skill not a lot of people have. We've done many of these stories to help non-profits raise money, help families who are looking for ways to gain traction on their GoFundMe pages, and deliver raw, heartfelt stories. Our chief storyteller is a former TV news reporter + knows how to ask the right questions and make people connect with YOUR story, become emotionally invested in it + care about it like you do. These types of videos are the best use of your time and money to get your message delivered through an emotionally provoking video.


Every business has a story to tell. With the way social media places videos in front of diverse groups of people, more businesses are going to need a video to reach new audiences. This type of video can be as simple or layered as you would like. Storytelling often gets incorporated into marketing videos as well. We like to compare this type of video to ads you see during the Superbowl. The ads that convey emotion and make you feel something are the ones you remember and care about. This is how more and more CEO's are getting people to care about their products/services who would have otherwise not given them a second thought. A good marketing video will make your life so much easier in getting your message across in a clear, impactful way.


More businesses are adding videos to their job posting pages to attract better candidates, more qualified applicants, and people who truly want to be there. With these videos, we typically interview the boss + several employees. We ask them what the work culture is like, the type of candidate they're looking for, what it's like to work for their boss, the pros and cons of the job, etc. This has proven to be a very effective way to get strong applicants who know exactly what they're signing up for. These videos also add value to the job because we get to show the boss upfront and unfiltered so applicants can see right away if this is someone they want to work for. More and more people are looking for jobs that offer a good work-life balance, a positive work environment and a livable wage. These videos show that the company is willing to be transparent and cares about the people working there.


A promo video is a quick glance at an event/product/service/business/story/etc. that makes the audience intrigued to learn more about the topic. Not everyone has the time or money to invest in a video that's several minutes long. We get that. These videos usually involve quick edits, lots of camera movement, energetic music and are usually less than one minute long. It's a quick way to add more value to YOU.



Drones add such a dynamic element to any video. Whether you're showing off a real estate property, giving people a virtual tour of a building, or just want a cool aerial shot that's smooth as butter, we've got you covered with our licensed and FAA Part 107 compliant drone pilot. 

Silver Drone


If you already have video that you just need an editor for, we can do that as well! Our rates for this service are lower than our standard rates for projects since we are only editing your footage. Message us through the "Contact" page to inquire.



Drone certified

We are certified and licensed to fly drones and FAA Part 107 compliant. We currently use the EVO Lite model drone.

DSLR Video Production

We currently use a SONY A7III and a Canon EOS R6 as our typical two-camera set up paired with GVM LED Lights and RODE mics for lighting and audio.


We edit all our material using the Adobe suite software. Stock footage is available upon request.

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