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The Art of Video Storytelling Workshops

Want to learn how to find and tell stories for your organization?

Owner of Beyond Words Productions, Jamie Perez, has led a number of workshops on the Art of Video Storytelling. In these workshops, you'll learn:

How to find & tell your story

Learn how to get started on figuring out what to focus your videos on, the importance of finding and developing a character in your story, how to go off script to make a compelling interview, and more.

The difference between a general marketing video and  a video that tells a compelling story

Watch real examples of videos created for organizations that were successful in helping them fundraise, hire, promote an event, generate leads and brand themselves in new ways. 

Through real examples, you'll see how a successful story is told to help an organization fundraise, hire, promote an event, or brand themselves in new ways through emotive storytelling

Get ideas for your own organization on different ways you can craft a story. Not all stories need to be told in chronological order! This part of the workshop will get your own gears turning on how you can use the examples of videos shown to implement into storytelling for your own organization. 

How to optimize your video on social media to ensure the most number of eyes will be watching and sharing

Social media is the beast that's always changing but there are some simple things you can do to make sure people are watching and sharing your video when its ready to post! 

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